Kindle Fire Connectbot Followup

Just a quick followup to the previous article I had on getting connectbot to work on the Kindle Fire.

A lot of people have been asking for an unofficial apk of the changes I’ve made. Initially I hesitated – I wanted to follow the official channels. Initially, I posted this article with some links to my changes (admittedly pretty primitive) and posted a followup to the thread on the issue tracker.

Looking at the latest build snapshot (12/19) it still doesn’t appear that a fix has been incorporated into the main source. I do not expect that my off-the-cuff additions would be accepted, but there is enough demand that someone should have been able to address this properly by now.

So I’m offering my personal build of the connectbot source. Totally unmaintained, not warranty, use at your own risk. ;-)


17 thoughts on “Kindle Fire Connectbot Followup

  1. Adair

    Thank you very much for this. It works great.

    It may be worth noting that you’ll have to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources before you can install this, but the dialog box that pops up when you click to install the app takes you to the setting.

  2. eklein

    Thanks, It is indeed a great contribution, but unfortunately is not working for my fire. The “return” button appears, but acts as a full-line-delete key.

  3. Michael

    Helpful Hacker,

    I thank you for your contribution. As an on-call Linux systems administrator this tool is very crucial. I appreciate your diligent efforts. I just tested it and it worked a treat! Thanks a bunch.

  4. Udi

    Thanks! Any idea how to use the “greater/less than” characters? The keyboard shows them but treats them as control characters.

  5. Sparky

    Zack!!! Absolutely brilliant! Not having this fix would have been a show stopper, with the Kindle Fire being returned to the store. This is the most important app on my Droid, and I can’t live without it on my Kindle Fire. Now I don’t have to.

  6. firestorm_v1

    Holy crap, thank you!!

    Like Sparky above, I found the exact same issue and came very close to returning my Fire to amazon. This makes it workable and together with androidVNC, I can now tunnel my VNC sessions over ConnectBot just like I can on my phone.

    Thank you very much.

  7. joel

    Thank you so much for this. I was getting really frustrated. Props for tracking it down in the code

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  10. Pieter

    Just a heads up. I used the regular release: Master, 2013-04-16. Works fine on my Kindle Fire.
    Could not get the tablet one to work though.

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