Killing Caps Lock – Windows 8

I’ve recently had the pleasure of testing out Windows 8 on my primary laptop.  Initially I was filled with a bit of dread and foreboding due to some major UI changes.  Having spent a few weeks on it, at this point I have things functioning smoothly and the few UI quirks are no longer a hinderance.

Overall, Windows 8 seems to have taken a stab at the “multi-level” interface in and some way gotten this very right.  By “multi-level” interface, what I mean is an interface that is discoverable by the novice (tiles that function like we expect from iPads and Android devices) but does not hinder the “expert” (most apps/functions can be accessed via shortcuts and “search-as-you-type”, the tiles are just eye-candy).

I don’t consider myself by any means an expert in Windows 8, however after years of various OS’s and a proclivity towards command line interfaces I feel I can bypass the tile interface and start to optimize my keyboard usage.

One of the first mods I make in any environment (Windows, Linux, etc) is to remap the Caps Lock key to be another Control key.  Back in “Killing Caps Lock” ( I reviewed various methods for accomplishing this.  Sadly my go-to tool, Ctrl2cap does not appear to work in Windows 8.  Luckily, after some searching I did find a slightly more featureful applicaton that will do this – and more.

KeyTweak ( ) does present a bit of a mystery.  I’m not able to find any other official source then what appears to be someones personal site at Charter.  I won’t go over much detail on mapping the actual keys, once you open the interface it is dead simple.  This does allow you to tweak several other keys/settings so have fun.  From everything I can tell this was last updated in 2009.  As a service to everyone out there, I would like to host a copy of the exe and pdf in case the Charter site ever goes down.

Original Exe:

Original Manual:

Hosted Exe:

Hosted Manual:

MD5 Exe: 0437c75eb8b510b7d3715f047b6a84ff

MD5 Manual: 700e1d4bf276b4d155a68113c09c71ba


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  1. Tom says:

    Outstanding! I always swap CapsLock and Control no matter what operating system I’m using. I hacked the registry in WinXP to swap the keys. This utility is much easier to use.

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